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Photo: Marco Favero 


Everyday Brasil is a photography project that is part of Everyday Projects, which was born in Africa (Everyday Africa) in 2012, with the intention of deconstructing clichés that are generally attributed to the continent. Since then, the project has gained importance and visibility, and today has countless similar profiles on Instagram, created by photographers around the planet. The main objective is to show the daily life of these places far from stereotypes, through good images and stories.

Everyday Brasil intends to offer an authentic vision of our society through documentary photography currently produced in the country, expanding knowledge about our culture, places, people, situations, and important events.

Currently, the project has around 39 thousand followers on its Instagram page and has a fixed team of collaborating photographers and photographers in all regions of Brazil. The founder and editor of the project in Brazil is photographer Ivana Debértolis.                                 

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If you like and believe in the work of Everyday Brasil, you can contribute, occasionally or monthly, so that we can produce relevant contents and, in this way, more people, stories and important issues can gain greater reach and visibility throughout Brazil, through the work done by us and the photographers who collaborate with the project. To do so, click here and choose the amount and form of collaboration that is best for you. We thank you immensely.

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